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Converting is simple.

Our software allows you to convert your existing returns, client information, schedules, and forms into MyTAXPrepOffice quickly and easily. 

Simply go to Returns > Convert Returns in the left side menu of your Dashboard to complete conversion. Select your previous software provider and begin the conversion. To watch a training video on how to convert from your particular software provider, please
click here to visit the MyTAXPrepOffice YouTube channel


If you have any questions or need help with your conversion, please contact a Customer Success Specialist through the Solution Center in the program. 

Conversion Information

• 2022 ATX Desktop
1040, 1065, 1120 & 1120S
• 2022 Crosslink Desktop
1040, 1065, 1120, & 1120S
• 2022 Drake Desktop
1040, 1065, 1120 & 1120S
• 2022 OLTPRO Desktop
• 2022 ProSeries Desktop
1040, 1065, 1120 & 1120S
• 2022 TaxAct Desktop
• 2022 TaxSlayer Desktop
• 2022 TaxWise Desktop
1040, 1065, 1120 & 1120S 
• 2022 TaxWise Online
1040 (
See important note)
• 2022 TurboTax Desktop

We only convert the return types listed above for your previous software. We do not convert 1041, 706, 709, or 990. Payroll return types are not converted. 

Software Products
  • Client Information

  • Dependent Information

  • Form W2

  • Form 1099R

  • Form 2441

  • Schedule C, CEZ

  • Schedule E

  • Schedule F

  • Form 4835

  • Form 6252

  • Form 8829

  • Schedule K1

  • Asset Information (2)

  • Form 4952

  • Form 8396

  • Form 8839

(2) Not all asset information can be converted.

  • Business Information

  • Form 1065

  • Schedule F

  • Owner K-1

  • Form 1125-A

  • Form 8825

  • Asset Information (2)

  • Balance Sheet

  • Business Information

  • Form 1120

  • Schedule F

  • Schedule N

  • Form 1125-A

  • Form 1125-E

  • Asset Information (2)

  • Schedule G

  • Balance Sheet

  • Business Information 

  • Form 1120S

  • Schedule F 

  • Owner K-1

  • Form 1125-A 

  • Form 1125-E 

  • Form 8825

  • Asset Information (2) 

  • Balance Sheet

Important Conversion Information

Length of Time Needed for Conversion Process: 

Getting our clients set up for a successful tax season is

our number one priority. Based on the number of returns being uploaded for conversion, your expected time frame

is as follows:

Under 200 returns: 1 day
200-500 returns: 2 days
Over 500 returns: 1 week

Please allow enough time for conversions to be processed. You will receive an email from the Conversion Team when your returns are finished.

Availability of Conversions for Tax Year 2022

The estimated release date(s) for conversions is Fall 2023. Some conversions are available earlier. You will receive an email when a conversion is released and a notification will be available in the News Widget displayed on the Dashboard. 

What we convert:

List of Converted Asset Items 2021: TaxWise to MyTAXPrepOffice 


1. Due to differences between various tax programs, not

all data from the original returns will be converted. We

only convert the return types listed above for your

previous software.

2. The conversion process does not recreate the original

2022 return. 

3. After the returns are converted, you will need to verify

all returns to ensure accurate calculations. 

4. Various tax programs utilize many different combinations of depreciation methods. Some methods of depreciation listed in the prior software may not be able to be converted. We recommend that you verify the asset depreciation closely for accuracy.


Important Note: TaxWise Online Conversion

MyTAXPrepOffice supports TaxWise Online conversion. Before proceeding with your conversion, please ask TaxWise to convert your files to the desktop program.

Man Using a Tablet
TaxWise Online

Need help with your conversion?

If you have any questions or need help with your conversion, please contact our Customer Support Team using live chat, email at, or call 307.414.1211.
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