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Our Partners

We are pleased to work with these outstanding partners.
Do you offer Bank Products? MyTAXPrepOffice offers integrated bank products through our trusted banking partners. Find out how easy it is to increase your service offerings, get paid earlier, and grow your business with bank products.
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Focused on the independent ERO, Refund Advantage offers taxpayer advance loans, ERO business advances, and incentive programs.


Accelerate the growth of your tax practice with free & premium marketing, tax pro advances, multiple fee payment options for clients, taxpayer advances, and much more.

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Coming Soon! Refundo offers an all in one tool for your office such as refund transfers, refund advances, virtual tax business business, marketing, and much more.

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EPS offers your tax office refund transfers, taxpayer refund advances, and additional loans with three programs of your choice. No marketing fees with e-Advance Program.

Professional Audit and Tax Fraud Assistance Services

Protection Plus ensures that taxpayers and tax professionals have access to experienced professionals to help in the case of an audit or inquiry letter. All resolution specialists have an EA (Enrolled Agent) or CPA (Certified Public Accountant) designation which is required so that they can represent you before the IRS. 
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Get 30% off CE Training 

Learn on the go! Wherever you're at, you can get your education on your phone, tablet, or computer in English or Spanish. Courses available in tax preparation as well as CTEC: 60 Hour Qualifying Education, CTEC: 20 hour Continuing Education, and course bundles that are ideal for EAs or CPAs that want to fulfill their requirements. 

The credit card secured by the value of your car — not your credit score.

Offer your clients access to fair and affordable credit regardless of their credit score.

As a MyTAXPrepOffice customer, tax professionals can receive a $20 commission per referral when their clients sign up for Yendo.

With a Yendo Credit Card, your clients can get up to $10,000 at an affordable rate by using the equity in something they already own - their vehicle! And they report to the major credit bureaus, which can help them build the credit they need for a more secure financial future.
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