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Data Security

Created with Security at the Forefront of Development

Unlike other tax preparation programs which were created before internet security became a priority, our cloud-based program was created with online data protection at the forefront of its development. The application was designed by a team including security experts with the experience to work on certified systems for sensitive data. The in-built security applies to all components including the tax preparation software, our client portal (MyTAXPortal), and the document storage. Therefore, all data, and not only the tax returns, are secured with these complex standards in mind.
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IRS Approved Software Developer & Transmitter

As an IRS approved software developer and transmitter, we are meeting or exceeding the latest security and data protection requirements published by the IRS and each state. The fulfillment of this obligation is annually reviewed and a prerequisite of our operation. These requirements include the need for secure data centers and the use of the latest encryption technologies to ensure that no unauthorized person can gain access to personal data at any time or by any means.

Your Data is Safer in the Cloud

With advanced security tools, dedicated security monitoring teams, and timely adaptation of the application for potential risks, we ensure your data is safe and secure. Below are just a few of the security features of your online MyTAXPrepOffice application:

Data in all systems is secure both in transit and at rest, with best in class TLS/SSL encryption and 256-bit AES encryption for data storage complying with all requirements and recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the STAR Group.


A high level of security is maintained by our 24/7 security management team which applies any security patches as soon as they come available. You benefit immediately and not only after you have updated the local installations on every device like with old desktop tax preparation software.


Daily backup and monthly backup of last three years protects again computer component failure, server error, and human error. MyTAXPrepOffice creates 3 copies of the live data and then writes it into a second data center which also has 3 copies. Data loss is virtually eliminated in the cloud.

Your Very Own Dedicated 24/7 Security Monitoring Team

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is being protected at all times by security experts.
  • Administrative access by a dedicated experienced team only via end-to-end SSL encryption and two-factor authentication
  • Health check-system checking the availability of the MyTAXPrepOffice application in real-time
  • Physical access to the server environment is checked in real-time
  • Regular security training for the complete administrative MyTAXPrepOffice staff
  • All components in use (software and hardware) are regularly updated and hardened on best practice security methods published by the Open Web Application Security Project
  • Threats are regularly analyzed by the MyTAXPrepOffice security team and measures taken to secure data

Secure Data Centers Located in the U.S.

We host our application in the data center that is also used by many government agencies, which have enhanced security requirements and multi-layered physical security protections.
Are you currently relying on locking your office door to secure your data, protect your IT equipment, and safeguard your personal and client files containing sensitive data?
When was the last time you had an IT expert update your computer's security settings, monitor your network, or check all your staff workstations to see if they are secure?  
Data centers are subject to yearly audits to improve security and protect against any possible defects. Your legacy systems including your on-site network and computer hardware do not have this requirement. 
The following security measures are in place:
  • Certificate & compliance standards
    • SSAE18 / ISAE 3402
    • SOC 1 & SOC 2
    • ISO27001
    • PCI DSS 3.0/3.1
    • NIST 800-53 PE
    • FISMA Moderate Capable
    • Energy Star Certified
    • Uptime Institute Management & Operations Stamp of Approval
  • Physical Protection
    • Intrusion/break-in detection
    • Gated security fence
    • Bollards
    • Dual roof system
    • Cleared support personnel
    • Two-factor authentication required to access the facility
    • Biometric scanners and badge readers
    • Entrance mantraps
    • Ballistic paneling in lobby
    • Bulletproof glass
  • 24x7 electronic video surveillance

Let us help you choose the right plan.

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