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Powerful Tools to Maximize Your Time

With MyTAXPrepOffice, you can be confident that you are working with a reliable and accurate tax software solution with simple, but powerful productivity tools aimed at making tax preparation fast and easy.

Explore how MyTAXPrepOffice can benefit your business with a personalized tour of the program with one of our expert Sales Executives. Get your specific questions answered in this free 1-on-1 demonstration. We'll walk you through all our powerful tools and features and help you choose the right MyTAXPrepOffice plan for your needs. 

Praise for MyTAXPrepOffice

We love our customers and our customers love us.

I have used many of the top tax software programs. However, MyTAXPrepOffice has made tax preparation the most comfortable experience. No more installations or constantly updating. Support is outstanding… the ease of use alone would attract me. Thank you for putting my anxiety during tax season at a manageable level.

Rodney King

I have used another software for over 20 years. Being a small office, we were finally just priced out. I gave MyTAXPrepOffice a try and have been completely satisfied. The customer service is great and for the first time in many years, I had no efile/bank product issues. Oh, not to mention it cost me a fraction of the cost. I would absolutely recommend this product.

Dawn Crawford

After using another product for over 10 years, I was slightly afraid to make the change. However, now that I have, I am so happy I did! The customer support was GREAT…wherever you go you can check anybody’s return without being in the office. The electronic signatures took a lot less time on each return. I highly recommend it. Thank you MyTAXPrepOffice!

Yolanda Requena


"You’ve got to try MyTAXPrepOffice."

What I found after my first year with your software is that I think you have the best tax software on the market. It didn’t take me long to learn the program. It’s GREAT! That was my biggest concern (learning) and I have only struck the surface of all its potential. I will pick up more after using it more. I have to compliment the staff who are there for me and the rest of the customers. The support is OUTSTANDING! Whenever I called for help there was always someone there for me and they stay with you until your problem is fixed.

They have demos on every subject to always use if you forget – just outstanding! I can’t wait until next year. I’ve ordered for next year already and I’m a procrastinator! I can’t say enough about this company. They have it together! I wish I had found them a few years ago when dealing with other software – terrible management – what grief I had to endure.


You’ve got to try MyTAXPrepOffice. It’s fantastic, and again, I must compliment the tech support there. They are the best I’ve worked with. Thank you for being there for us. No longer do I have to look and search and hope for a good program. I found it!

Frank Dupree  - F. Dupree Tax Service

Just a few reasons to try us…

MyTAXPrepOffice is the best software I have ever used. I am extremely happy with this software.

Julie Raver Baker


Al Clark

Most affordable software I have seen on the market. Very helpful people as well.

Mary Matthews

“You can’t go wrong

with this software.”

“I love this tax software and have been using it for a few years. Returns roll from year to year and the current forms link… If I have encountered an issue of any type, the return can be uploaded for review. Even during the height of tax season, I got a quick reply. Electronic filing is simple and quick. I do not have a very large tax client base but know that the returns that I do file are accurate and complete. Even with all of the tax changes brought by Tax Reform, the 2018 filing season was efficient and streamlined. It handles all types of returns for a very affordable price.”

Barbara Sieminski, CPA 


Support You Can Count On

I appreciate the Live Chat assistance that was always available when I needed it. Thank you for making this transition as easy as possible.

Gloria Herrera

Bliss Accounting & Tax Service

Very easy to use and follow. The customer service is very great at what they do. Thank you.

Joanna Gonzales

J & D Multiservices

Love the software. I’ve used it for the past 3 years. So glad I converted. The price is very reasonable. The support tech team is quick to assist in resolving issues.

Mary Matthews

Tax Preparer

Don’t take our word for it.

“I really enjoyed this software! The convenience of being able to pull it up on any browser, whether at home or work is amazing. Plus it is the most affordable software with many more features than other software! Customer Service is also a BIG PLUS!”


Karla Mina – First Choice Insurance 


“2018 was my second year with MyTAXPrepOffice, and I am very satisfied with the results. I have worked with a lot of other tax preparation programs, but the results that I have had over the last two years have been excellent. The customer support is very good, and they help me with any problems I encounter.” 

Paul Wadley – Wadley Accounting Services 


“When I was approached by a rep from MyTAXPrepOffice software two years ago, I was very reluctant to make the change. Today, I am very happy I did. This is the most convenient software I have ever used, and I am completely satisfied with everything they offered. (By that I mean, the product, the price, and their customer service). I have no problem recommending this product.” 

Edward Somori – Tax Preparer 

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